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Revolutionizing Logistics with Cutting-Edge Automation

Uvionix is a California-based robotics and automation company with a single mission: to revolutionize transparency and data digitalization in warehousing and supply chain logistics through cutting-edge real-time technology and innovation.

We bring decades of experience in deep learning, autonomy, computer vision, robotics, aviation, and aerospace systems, fused with unparalleled exposure to the physical world of products and their logistics. Our team of engineers, PhDs, and innovators is uniquely positioned to provide the first truly autonomous, infrastructure-agnostic, real-time flying system, seamlessly integrating digital and physical realms to optimize logistical operations.


We’ve designed, mass-produced and shipped hardware and software products across industries and have a deep understanding of warehouse operations.

Boris Iskrev
Co-founder and CEO

Serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits. More than 10 years in aerospace, drone/robotics with numerous patents and inventions in the filed. 20 years in supply chain logistics & mass production.

Stanislav Darmonski, PhD
Co-founder and CTO

PhD in robotics & dynamic control systems with more than 15 years in software & embedded systems, artificial inteligence & deep learning, advanced algorithms & motor control systems.

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Our history

Since 2014, our team has driven innovation, developing groundbreaking technologies and products, and contributing to transformative projects across governmental, commercial, and academic sectors. Our wide-ranging initiatives, from life-saving operations and studies of extraterrestrial materials on Earth to meticulous inspections of critical infrastructure, have laid a robust foundation. This wealth of experience and expertise has naturally progressed into the development of Uvionix's Autonomous Inventory Management, a system designed to revolutionize efficiency and accuracy in warehouse operations.

People Behind the Lights
Meet our team
Boris Iskrev


Store Manager
Stanislav Darmonski, PhD


Ivan Daniel

Interested in how the pragmatism of the traditional craftsman can create new design, he focuses on simplicity.